Review Policy

Want a review from These Pretty Words?

These Pretty Words reviews many sub-genres but one thing all our books have in common is romance. From Historical to Contemporary, Christian to Erotica – if there’s a love story in your book, we’ll probably read it. Shifters, swoony dad moments or revamped fairy tales? We’ll definitely read it. What we don’t review is non-fiction or books meant for young ones.

If you’re an author, publisher or PR person wanting to pitch your latest book, please email Kristin or fill out the contact form below. When emailing, please include book synopsis, genre and publication date for all review requests.

E-pubs and printed copies are accepted. Giveaways and interviews are encouraged. All reviews are posted on our blog, our Twitter, our personal Twitter and Goodreads accounts as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites (if applicable). Reviews can be posted on other sites if requested.

The Basics

Genres Reviewed: Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Christian Romance, Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance, Erotica

Automatic Refusal: Children’s Books, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Poetry, Non-Fiction

Timeframe: If we accept an unpublished title for review, we will post our review plus or minus thirty days of publication. If we accept an already published title for review, expect a 60-90 day wait for the review to post. Trying to work within a specific timeframe? Please let us know in your request so we can review our scheduling before accepting. Our absolute minimum for a standard novel (approximately 350 pages) is six days.

Accepted Formats: Printed copies preferred, e-books accepted (Mobi or E-Pub format please), PDFs begrudgingly allowed*.

All the Extras: We happily participate in blog tours and book birthday celebrations. We are thrilled to host guest posts and interview authors as well as offer giveaways to our readers. We won’t post cover reveals to the blog but will Tweet them or add them to our Facebook feed. Just let us know what you are looking for in terms of publicity for your book and a timeframe, and we’ll let you know if we are available. Most “extras” can be posted within seven days from acceptance.

A special note for self-published authors: Here at TPW, we love a good book whether it’s from a big-dog publisher or an independent author. Please see our note above about formats accepted, especially the instructions for creating an e-pub file. Seriously, reading a PDF while on an iPad/iPhone/tablet can be an exercise in frustration. We won’t refuse a PDF but we might glare at you for a minute or two. Also, while we’re not the grammar police, we will comment on a book’s mistakes should there be evidence of excessively poor editing or formatting issues.


Contact Form



*While we will accept PDFs, we don’t like them. Formatting issues tend to make them difficult to read on the various mobile devices we use, and there are always issues with highlighting, making notes and sharing quotes.

Don’t know how to convert your Word Doc into an e-pub? Download Calibre and checkout this link. The community of book bloggers will thank you.


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