The Place I BelongIt’s all about the sin.

Zury Castellano escaped a dreary city life and will do anything to protect her chosen home’s scenic vista. Black Cherry Falls is more than her job, it’s her passion. The State may have sold her beloved mountaintops to a lumber company, but they’re in for a surprise if they think she will just sit by and watch them destroy it. That cocky PR guy will never know what hit him.

Jonah Alcott walked away from his rigid religious family and found his place as Public Relations Director for Hawkins Hardwood. He plays as hard as he works, but the Black Cherry Falls project stretches him to his limit. A beautiful but tenacious resort manager calls in a radical environmental group, and Jonah steps out of his office to show her personally who the real bad guys are. However, only Jonah can decide where his true loyalties lie, with his job or his heart.

The Place I Belong is the second book in the “Country Roads” series
Carina Press ✿ Published February 24, 2014

Best book of 2014 so far. Now, I realize it’s only the end of February, but this story truly worked my emotions in a way that few ever do. It is vibrant, emotionally intelligent and hot as all get out. Don’t bother reading this review, just go buy it.

Sometimes I’m glad y’all don’t listen to me.

The Place I Belong is another story in the Country Roads series, but this novel is an honest standalone. I loved Take Me Home, the first book in the series. I went on and on about how hot it was and the swoon created by Inez’s words. The Place I Belong matches the heat and wit and adds an intense amount of emotion and suspense that kept me flipping pages even when I knew I needed to move onto other things. Like my job. Glad I still have one.

Our main characters are Zury – State Park employee and environmentalist willing to do almost anything to save her beloved forest. We also have Jonah – Public Relations Director for the lumber company that has purchased the land surrounding Zury’s beloved Black Cherry Falls. See where we’re going with this? Instant tension.

Zury is feisty and intense, completely focused on the bad things harvesting lumber will do to the mountains she loves so much. She seems intractable, but over time, sexy Jonah begins to wear her down with facts and the good the lumber industry does for the environment. They have a wonderful lust-hate kind of relationship filled with banter and tension; a true opposites attract kind of couple.

The backstories on both of these characters are heartbreaking and dark, but they grow, they work through their damages, and they find themselves sliding deeper into the emotions their union creates. They also have a few hot intimate moments that might just make your toes curl. Both characters are very confident in the bedroom – traits that make all those naughty moments so much juicier. No pun intended.

But then all hell breaks loose.

5_FiveFive stars. Can I rate it a six or seven? Because I want to. The story drops the reader right smack into the action, which I didn’t think I would care for, but Inez really built a well-plotted story with heart and heat and so much tension, you won’t want to put it down. Don’t read it at work – I will not be held responsible for any disciplinary actions you receive for sneaky reading at your desk.

Buy it, read it, love it – this one truly is a must read.

About the Author

Inez Kelley lives in the Midwest. She spends most of her time in a cramped little office surrounded by a multitude of books, a plastic gecko and her computer. The growing horde of dust bunnies, her children’s request for meals and a never-ending laundry pile vie for her attentions. She is a multi-published author of various romance genres.